With the abundance of candy and sweetened fast foods in the market, cavities are a problem that affects a lot of babies and toddlers. The most effective ways of combating is this by reducing intake of sweet products and brushing twice a day. For younger kids who have not started to brush the gums & teeth yet, parents should ensure that no residue of milk or any food is left in their mouth while they nap / sleep.

But nowadays even toothpastes are artificially sweetened and can be detrimental for the dental health of your children. Mamaearth’s Berry Blast Toothpaste is fluoride free & uses only plant based sweeteners like stevia & xylitol that are not harmful to their developing teeth and gums. Xylitol also protects the teeth from tooth decay and plaque formation. When kids go through the phase of teething, eruption of new teeth is a painful process. Aloe Vera in our toothpaste helps to soothe & relieve sore gums.