Young babies & kids need to be protected more against mosquitoes. Kids play out in open & are usually carefree and thus more prone to mosquito bites.
These mosquito bites can cause irritation, red skin, itch and real pain. No matter how much you cover the affected area, kids sometimes end up scratching and bruising their skin. However, there are easy ways to combat these problems.

Mosquitoes get attracted to the smell of sweat thus are able to locate a bare skin & bite. The only way to avoid mosquitoes is to mask the smell of sweat.
Mamaearth has a range of products especially curated to fight the concern of Mosquitos & the after effects of mosquito bites.

One ingredient that’s present in all our products in Anti-Mosquito range is Citronella Oil. Safe to be applies even to a newborn’s skin; citronella oil is a natural insect repellant due to its strong fragrance. The fragrance masks the smell of sweat and keeps the mosquitoes away.
Another ingredient that’s present in the whole range is Lemongrass Oil. This oil is not just helpful in masking the smell of sweat, but is also natural antiseptic, antifungal oil that soothes the skin.

Our range of mosquito repellants not just helps in keeping the mosquitos away, but also nourishes the skin. Eucalyptus Oil is a natural moisturizing agent that nourishes the skin & helps soothe any wounds, bruises, scratches etc caused due to insect bite.

The repellants also has the goodness of essential oils such as Lavender Oil which has proven health benefits of such as its ability to relieve pain, disinfect the skin & prevent skin irritation & rashes.