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Baby Essential Hamper Kit

Hi, I am your complete solution to take care of your baby from top to toe and even from the mosquitoes. Buy me as a combo for your baby or gift this amazing combo of certified toxin-free products to a friend. The kit comes packed in an amazing waterproof bag with lots of space to carry your baby stuff around.Deeply Nourishing Body Wash – 200mlDaily Moisturizing Body Lotion – 200mlGentle Cleansing Shampoo – 200mlBerry Blast Toothpaste – 50gAnti-Mosquito Fabric Roll-On – 8mlDusting Powder for Babies – 150 gPlant-based Laundry Detergent – 200mlWaterproof Bag – Rs. 500

Moisturizing Daily Lotion For Babies, 200ml

Hi, I’m Mamaearth Moisturizing Daily Lotion for Babies. I understand that your baby needs to be moisturized daily to remain soft and nourished. I help to keep your little one’s skin velvety smooth and healthy for up to 12 hours! I consist of ingredients like Cocoa & Shea Butter that help to moisturize and nourish their delicate skin. Jojoba Oil aids in making your baby’s skin soft and supple while Vitamin E and Aloe Vera help provide relief from the heat of the Sun. You can always trust me for your baby’s needs as I’m made with the best of ingredients from nature. I’m completely free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, PEG, Mineral Oil, and even Artificial Fragrances and come with MadeSafe Certification.

Men’s Refresh & Recharge Combo Pack : Shampoo & Bodywash, 200ml + Facewash, 100ml

Recharge yourself every morning to take over the world & as the day passes, refresh the energy to never let a dull moment slow you down! With Mamaearth’s recharge shampoo, body wash and refreshing face wash, recharge your senses & energize yourself to take on all that comes your way. Caffeine awakens your senses, while antimicrobial tea tree oil removes dry and dead skin cells leaving you fresh and clean. Face Wash, enriched with charcoal and walnut beads, has exfoliating properties and helps remove dead skin cells.

Healthy Hair Combo : Shampoo, 200ml + Conditioner, 200ml

Mamaearth's Happy Heads shampoo gently cleanses and promotes healthy scalp and hair by removing the built-up residue from the scalp. It has Bhringraj & Amla for hair nourishment and Biotin which makes hair thick. It is free from harmful chemicals like SLS, paraben, phthalate, dyes and artificial fragrance. The twin pack can be used to clean and deeply nourish hair from roots to tips. No More Tangles Conditioner is a combination of the most efficacious natural ingredients that will nourish your hair from root to tip. It has Milk Protein to give you naturally soft and silky hair. Vitamin B5 strengthens hair follicles and helps your scalp get rid of dead skin. Cocoa butter moisturizes the hair making them soft and shiny. It naturally stimulates hair growth while calming the nerves of the head and scalp to reduce inflammation and hair loss. Use it to get frizz-free and easily manageable hair.

Anti Hair Fall Kit for complete hair care

Mamaearth’s Anti Hair Fall Kit is full of natural and organic bio-actives which help to reduce hair fall and promote hair re-growth. It has a 4 step process from root to tip and it helps to ensure the fixation of all your hair issues. Use it regularly and you won’t ever need any other hair product.

Hydrating Natural Body Lotion with Cucumber & Aloe Vera for Normal Skin – 250ml

රු1775.00 රු1450.00
Want a lightweight lotion that offers long-lasting moisturization? Mamaearth Hydrating Body Lotion does just that! Infused with the natural properties of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Cucumber, the lotion absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving it noticeably hydrated for up to 24 hours. Dermatologically tested, this body lotion is suitable for all skin types and is free of toxins & harmful chemicals such as Silicones, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, and Artificial Colors.

Deeply Nourishing Body Wash For Babies, 200ml

Hi! We are Mamaearth Cleansing Baby Shampoo and Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash. We understand that bath time is not an easy task and involves effort in real cleaning. We also understand that little ones are quite uncomfortable in getting a wash and a head wash; that’s why it has to be quick and efficient. We’re here to help! We are a 100% toxin-free formula to keep your baby clean and hair nourished. We make sure that your baby’s sensitive and precious eyes are not irritated. Don’t worry about harmful chemicals as we are free from SLS, Parabens, Sulfates, and other such chemicals. Also, we come with MadeSafe Certification!

Shampoo & Bodywash for men, 200ml

Get out of the shower and be ready to take over the world! Mamaearth’s Shampoo & Body Wash for Men recharges your senses and energizes you to take on all that comes your way throughout the day. Its earthy fragrance helps you channel your inner man, and its Caffeine awakens your senses, helping you be at the top of your game. Enriched with anti-microbial Tea Tree Oil, it removes dry and dead skin cells leaving you all fresh and clean. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, it even takes good care of your skin. It does not contain any harmful chemicals like SLES, PEGs, Phthalates, Parabens or Artificial Fragrances.

Natural Radiance Day Cream, 50ml

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Mamaearth Natural Radiance day cream is a light weight and non - greasy daily moisturizing day cream. It’s fast absorbing formula binds moisture to skin for all day hydration for softer, smoother and healthier skin with no after use white cast. It deeply penetrates the skin not making your skin feel oily or sticky. SPF 20 helps protect skin against damaging sun exposure and UVA / UVB rays. Moringa oil and Rice Bran Oil together shields the skin from harmful pollutants and sun rays. Pomegranate oil hydrates and maintains moisture in the skin for up to 24 hours. The cream is free from all harmful toxins such as parabens, mineral oil, silicone etc.

Easy Tummy Roll On, 40ml

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Hi! I am Mamaearth Easy Tummy Roll-On. I understand the pain babies go through because of colic and indigestion. I contain Hing Oil which is known for its ability to reduce gas & reflux issues. I am a blend of Essential Oils like Saunf Oil, Peppermint Oil, Ginger Oil & Dill Seed Oil which gives relief from stomach ache and bloating which helps the baby to sleep peacefully. I also provide a soothing effect on the baby’s skin. My 100% Natural and Toxin-free formula with no added Preservatives, Alcohol, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Artificial Fragrances, SLS or any other harmful chemicals is safe to be used on sensitive skin. Also, I come with MadeSafe Certification.

Dusting Powder for Babies, 150gm

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Hi! I am Mamaearth Dusting Powder for Babies. I am dermatologically tested, 100% natural, non-lung-clogging & talc-free. Organic and Natural ingredients in me help baby’s skin retain moisture while reducing and preventing diaper rash. Organic Oatmeal in me acts as a skin protectant that prevents dry, itchy and irritated skin by maintaining skin’s moisture. Corn Starch in me absorbs extra moisture and is anti-microbial. I am safe for your baby as I contain no harmful chemicals like Talc, SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, or Artificial Fragrances and thus, I come with a MadeSafe Certification.

Charcoal Secrets : C3 Face Mask, 100ml + Charcoal Facewash, 100ml

Charcoal draws bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Mamaearth’s Charcoal Face Wash and C3 face mask, made of activated charcoal, coffee and clay does just that and makes the skin glow. It contains activated charcoal that gets rid of excess oil from the skin. Coffee exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, making your skin soft and smooth. Kaolin clay acts on acne and keeps them away. Bentonite clay treats scar marks and helps achieve a blemish free face. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, it takes gentle care of your skin. This combo is free from toxicity & does not contain any harmful chemicals like SLES, sulfates, silicone, phthalates or artificial fragrance.