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Charcoal Secrets : C3 Face Mask, 100ml + Charcoal Facewash, 100ml

Charcoal draws bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Mamaearth’s Charcoal Face Wash and C3 face mask, made of activated charcoal, coffee and clay does just that and makes the skin glow. It contains activated charcoal that gets rid of excess oil from the skin. Coffee exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, making your skin soft and smooth. Kaolin clay acts on acne and keeps them away. Bentonite clay treats scar marks and helps achieve a blemish free face. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, it takes gentle care of your skin. This combo is free from toxicity & does not contain any harmful chemicals like SLES, sulfates, silicone, phthalates or artificial fragrance.

Sun Protection Combo : Sunscreen, 80ml + Ubtan Facewash, 100ml

Our Indian skin is different, then why do we use products that are not crafted keeping Indian skin in mind? The Sun Protection Combo from mamaearth is especially curated for Indian weather conditions & Indian skin. The combo containing ubtan face wash and SPF 50 indian sunscreen ensures that the harsh sun doesn’t harm your skin; no matter if it’s summers or winters. The sunscreen creates a protective layer and doesn’t let harmful UVA & UVB rays penetrate your skin. The face wash ensures that any existing tan is also gently exfoliated & washed off, giving you the ubtan glow.

Skin Lightening & Brightening Combo : Ubtan Facemask, 100ml + Ubtan Facewash, 100ml

Make this ‘Lightening & Brightening’ combo with goodness of Saffron and Turmeric a part of your regime & get glowing and radiant skin. Turmeric, rich in antioxidants, protects the skin cells from free radical damage and lightens the skin tone thus improving the skin complexion. Traditionally, it is used in Ubtan to give an instant glow to your face. It is also a great ingredient that not just helps in reducing the existing signs of aging, but also slows down skin’s aging process. It is also a helpful in removing sun tan, hence lightening the skin. Saffron contains many vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin. It not only adds to natural radiance & glow of the skin but also soothes it. It treats dull skin and improves blood circulation.

Anti Acne Combo: Oil Free Moisturizer, 80ml + Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen, 80ml

Exposure to harsh sun & pollution can lead to many skin problems, including acne breakouts. For people with oily & acne-prone skin, this could turn into a daily battle. Mamaearth’s Anti Acne Combo is your one-stop solution to acne problems. Ultra-Light Indian Sunscreen with SPF 50 is especially crafted for Indian skin tones and Indian weather. It provides up to 6 hours of protection against harsh UVA & UVB rays, and leaves no white patches. This non-comedogenic Sunscreen keeps skin soft and moisturised. Enriched with natural ingredients like Turmeric and Orange Oil, it prevents tan and keeps skin glowing without making it oily or greasy.  Oil-Free Face Moisturizer balances the pH level of skin, and helps reduce breakouts. Its non-comedogenic formula delivers long-lasting hydration. Skin is left feeling smooth, supple & elastic. It controls excess oil production, and fights existing acne & pimples.  The products in this kit are free of toxins like Silicones, Parabens, SLS & Artificial Fragrance.

Charcoal Facewash for oil control, 100ml

Mamaearth’s SLS & Paraben free Charcoal Face Wash is your solution for healthy and glowing skin. Activated Charcoal gently draws out dirt, impurities, microparticles, & makeup – leaving skin clean and fresh. Clay deeply penetrates within the pores while removing excess oil from the skin. All this, without irritating or over-drying the skin. Coffee vitalizes the skin by removing dead skin cells and gives the face a glow. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, this face wash takes gentle care of your skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth as it does not contain any harmful chemicals like SLS, Sulfates, Phthalates or, Artificial Fragrance.

Tea Tree Facewash for acne & pimples, 100ml

Mamaearth’s SLS and Paraben Free Tea Tree Face Wash is a natural blend of neem and tea tree oil. It helps prevent acne by deep cleaning impurities, fighting bacteria and controlling excess oil secretion. All this, without stripping the skin off its natural oils. Aloe Vera in the face wash helps reduce redness and inflammation. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, it takes gentle care of your skin while making it look healthy and glowing. It is absolutely safe since it contains no harmful chemicals like SLES, Sulfates, Phthalates, and Artificial Fragrances.

Reboot After Shave Lotion, 100ml

Getting ready for work and need that extra edge? Get reinvigorated by using Mamaearth Reboot Aftershave Lotion. The cooling after effect leaves you feeling fresh and ready to conquer the world. Enriched with Green Tea, this aftershave lotion is loaded with anti-oxidants that make for a powerful soothing agent. It contains Witch Hazel, which has anti-inflammatory properties, that soothe irritation and minor cuts that often result from shaving. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, it takes good care of your skin. If that wasn’t enough, there are no harmful chemicals like SLES, PEGs, Parabens, and Phthalates or Artificial fragrances.

Castor Oil for Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails with 100% Pure and Natural Cold-Pressed Oil, 150ml

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One of the most versatile carrier or base oil – Castor Oil is a deep moisturizing & conditioning agent. It is beneficial not just for hair, skin & nails, but also helps in nourishing scalp & lips, making cuticles healthy, aiding the growth of eyebrows/eyelashes and for fighting skin infections such as ringworm, dandruff, etc. Mamaearth Castor Oil is 100% pure, natural & cold-pressed and is extracted from best quality castor seeds without using any heat or chemical treatment. Suitable for all skin & hair types, the oil is free of any additives, toxins or harmful chemicals such as Mineral Oils, Silicones, etc. Dermatologically tested, this body lotion is suitable for all skin types and is free of toxins & harmful chemicals such as Silicones, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, and Artificial Colors.

Mamaearth Healing Body Lotion with Moroccan Argan and Macadamia Nut Oil for Dry Skin – 250 ml

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Changing weather and other external factors tend to suck out all the moisture from your skin. This leads to dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Mamaearth Healing Body Lotion is enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients to prevent moisture loss and keep your skin hydrated. Moroccan Argan Oil present in the lotion is an excellent moisturizer, which makes skin shiny and smooth without being greasy. Macadamia Nut Oil ensures that it nourishes and hydrates the skin from deep within. The light and non-greasy formula ensures that your skin stays soft, smooth, and supple while keeping dryness at bay. Dermatologically tested, this body lotion is suitable for all skin types and is free of toxins & harmful chemicals such as Silicones, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, and Artificial Colors.

Skin Repair Body Lotion with Mango & Kokum Butter for Extra Dry Skin – 250 ml

Extreme weather conditions, hair removal, and other factors can make your skin dry and flaky. Your skin needs daily nourishment that keeps moisture intact while fighting dryness and itch. Mamaearth Skin Repair Body Lotion deeply nourishes extremely dry and itchy skin and locks in moisture for up to 24 hours. Mango and Kokum Butter penetrate deeply to hydrate and soothe sensitive, and extra dry skin. It heals and protects your skin, making it soft, supple, and nourished all day long. Enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients, it prevents moisture loss. It is a lightweight and non-greasy formula, to ensure that your skin feels refreshed after application. Dermatologically tested, this body lotion is suitable for all skin types and is free of toxins & harmful chemicals such as Silicones, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Artificial Colors, etc.

C3 Face Mask for healthy & glowing skin, 100ml

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Mamaearth C3 face mask sucks out all the impurities from the skin and makes it glowing. It contains activated charcoal that gets rids of excess oil whereas coffee exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Kaolin clay acts on acne and keep them away whereas bentonite clay treats scars that are left behind. Dermatologically tested and free of sulfates, paraben, silicones, SLS, PEGs, animal derived ingredients and synthetic fragrances.

Nipple Butter Cream for sore & cracked nipples, 50ml

Nursing your baby is the best way to establish a healthy bond between you two. Make sure that these moments are memorable with Mamaearth Nipple Butter Cream for Sore and Cracked Nipples. Our cream comes with the goodness of Coconut Oil that helps in nourishing the skin of the nipples. Shea Butter helps moisturize the skin and provides a protective layer to heal sore and chapped nipples faster. Calendula Extract provides a soothing effect to cracked nipples. Other ingredients like Vitamin E and Beeswax moisturize the affected area and help in faster recovery. What’s more interesting is that you can also use this cream to help heal your little one’s chapped cheeks. Since our Nipple Butter Cream is made with 100% natural ingredients, buy it to use daily without worrying about chemicals harming you or your baby.